Spectodrama by Xanti Schawinsky

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Xanti Schawinsky dedicated most of his artistic career investigating the concept of spectodrama, a multidisciplinary approach to theatre, with focus on the relationships between painting, photography, and recitation. The concept was developed when he became the director of the theatrical laboratory at the Bauhaus School of Dessau. His well illustrated cataloque is home to space, form, dramatisation, and costumes.

∙ Numbered Edition of 700 Copies
∙ Noteable Artists: Xanti Schawinsky
∙ Publisher: Carla Sozzani Editore s.r.l.
∙ Published: 1/11/1998
∙ Pages: 22
∙ Format: Paperback
∙ Measurements: 4.7" W x 6.2" H

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