Oil on Paper & Collages 1999-2000 by Kris Ruhs

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Kris Ruhs has been describing in his drawings the lost millennium of mankind: a time when myths ought to explain what science and knowledge could not and would never be able to. Those myths were the consolation of every human being in every corner of the world, and still lay within each one of us since man leaned out for the first time to admire the wonders of creation. Nightmares, dreams, hopes come together with the faceless and evanescent figure of destiny to take form in Kris Ruhs artworks.

∙ Noteable Artists: Kris Ruhs
∙ Publisher: Carla Sozzani Editore s.r.l.
∙ Published: 2007
∙ Pages: 66
∙ Format: Papercover
∙ Measurements: 11.8" W x 15.7" H

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