10 Corso Como Wind Candle

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Chase and Wonder x 10 Corso Como's collaboration includes exclusive designs featuring the signature 10 Corso Como dot pattern and Chase and Wonder's eclectic style that is both functional and expressive. The Blowing in the Wind Candle is adorned with a woman wearing a detailed flower head piece and 10 Corso Como dot pattern coming off of her hand. The candle is hand poured and scented with the sweet smell of fresh flowers.

∙ Scent Catageory: Floral
∙ Scent: Red rose petals, cassis, wild berries, and galbanum
∙ Material: Vegan friendly soy wax
∙ Measurements: 3.3" D x 3.5" H
∙ Burn Time: 90 minutes
∙ Made in Britain

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