The Skateroom has produced a colorful collection of eight new editions that will feature the iconic designs of Keith Haring. Haring utilized graffiti and murals, traditionally employed by street artists, and maintained bright, accessible imagery in order to grab the eyes of the viewer. His pop-art style is undeniably recognizable. The collection includes the famous Holding a Heart and Icons 5pieces and is available in-store from Friday, July 26th.

The Skateroom is committed to Art for Social Impact, which is a project that unites buyers, artists, galleries, museums, foundations, retailers, and non-profits. Up to 30% of the proceeds from the collection will be donated to a variety of social programs around the world. So far, the Skateroom has raised over $500,000 to fund 26 skate projects that empower at-risk youth. Haring was also a champion of philanthropy, dedicated to a myriad of causes revolving around children, anti-racism, and the LGBTQ+ community.